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Agronomic research : providing answers in an exacting context

Philippe Gate, Scientific Director of Arvalis, gives some research pathways to comply with innovative cropping systems and genetics to achieve sustainability

Effects of climate change on flax production

Our scientific Director was honored to give a presentation on the effects of climate change on flax production at the last Conference of the European Confederation on Flax and Hemp in October.

The diagnosis about temperature change, water availability, crop cycle … provides some levers to activate in order to preserve flax production, yields and quality.

Find the presentation Here

Long term experiments on soil tillage in France 

A paper from Jérôme Labreuche et al. at the 2018 ISTRO Conference in Paris

Focus on … the Digiferme® project in France

Learn more about how we develop and use new digital technologies on farm.
Digifermes : a laboratory for digital technologies, a paper from Delphine Bouttet and Pascaline Pierson at the PHLOEME scientific conference in January 2018.

Improving nitrogen use efficiency in wheat: recent progress and prospects in France

A paper from Jean-Pierre Cohan et al. at the PHLOEME scientific conference in January 2018