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Energy catch crops

How to introduce them in a crop succession

  • Duration : 00:05:00
  • Date : 08/06/2016

Species or species association can be grown for biogaz production. Crop management should aim at not competing food crops in the crop succession, and ensuring adequate yields.


A phenotyping bar for hightech experimentation on cereals

  • Duration : 00:03:33
  • Date : 26/05/2016

« The phenotyping bar or arch » is a powerful tool equipped with sensors to monitor the status of plants. It has been developed by ARVALIS Institut du végétal. What is the use of it ? How does it work ?Answers with Antoine Fournier.

La Jaillière

An experimental site at the very heart of crop - livestock farming systems

  • Duration : 00:12:07
  • Date : 14/04/2016

Discover the ARVALIS experimental station of La Jaillière in la Chapelle-Saint-Sauveur (Loire-Atlantique) : you will find singular research tools and a demonstration farm with 165 ha in order to meet the information needs of the...


How to link genes with field measurements

  • Duration : 00:02:13
  • Date : 30/03/2016

High throughput phenotyping to characterize varieties.

Drones serving agriculture

The use of drones to support research programs (the Phenome project)

  • Duration : 00:05:27
  • Date : 30/03/2016

Drones to characterize varieties under water stress