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Tutorial of a decision support tool

Fertilisation with organic products or RDFs

  • Duration : 00:03:41
  • Date : 06/09/2021

Arvalis proposes a new decision support tool (DST), accessible and free on the Internet, to calculate in a few clicks the fertilizing effect of organic or biobased products, such as livestock effluents or recycling-derived fertilisers....

PANACEA project

Perennial energy crops : destruction of miscanthus plots

  • Duration : 00:02:51
  • Date : 27/01/2021

Miscanthus is a very interesting dedicated perennial crop in terms of biomass production and energy potential. However, the question of its destruction for a re-cultivation of the plot appears to be crucial : an improperly carried out...

Energy catch crops

A solution for the development of the French and European bio-economy

  • Duration : 00:03:58
  • Date : 12/10/2020

Since 2017, Arvalis has been participating in the European PANACEA network to develop the contribution of non-food crops to the bio-economy. In France, this can notably involve developing energy catch crops (ECC). What is at stake?...


Optimize wheat fertilization & watering through a mobile application

  • Duration : 00:01:00
  • Date : 20/07/2020

DIGIPILOTE is a decision support system that will deliver advice to wheat farmers through a mobile application which processes information from the cloud and data from IoT solutions to support wheat producers in maintaining a...


Assess performances of cropping systems to choose best farming strategies

  • Duration : 00:01:01
  • Date : 20/07/2020

STRATEGEEK is an open decision support tool that provides key performances indicators at field level to help farmers define the best suited farming strategies. It uses standardised and scientifically robust calculation methods that...