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Welcome to the Digiferme® of Saint-Hilaire-en-Woëvre (East of France)

  • Duration : 00:04:51
  • Date : 01/10/2018

Have a look on new experiments in arable crops !

Learn more about Innov.AR project !

Fogging for use in agroecology

  • Duration : 00:02:30
  • Date : 02/07/2018

 Meet with the coordinator of the project and have a look at the field experiments hosting biocontrol tests.

Digital farming

Presentation of the Digiferme® project in France

  • Duration :
  • Date : 27/06/2018

Agriculture is a major area field for digital applications. Decision support tools, plant, animal and environmental sensors, on-board machinery sensors, robots, weather maps, new sources of agricultural data and new data processing...

ARVALIS – Institut du végétal

Research & Development to arable farmers

  • Duration : 00:07:09
  • Date : 14/09/2017

Discover in this video the organization and objectives of ARVALIS - Institut du végétal, the first European research and development institute dedicated to arable crops. Serving farmers and agricultural sectors, it assesses...

PotatoEurope 2016 Villers-Saint Christophe

Feedback on a successful international field event !

  • Duration : 00:02:12
  • Date : 07/10/2016

Potatoes were in the spotlight for two days at PotatoEurope2016.