INRA and ARVALIS sign their first collaboration framework agreement

INRA and ARVALIS often work in partnership as part of research programmes, and aim to promote, facilitate and improve the structure of their collaboration. This led to the framework agreement signed by François HOULLIER, INRA’s CEO, and Jacques MATHIEU, Managing Director of ARVALIS, on 2nd March in Paris.

INRA, the French academic research institute on agriculture, and ARVALIS – Institut du végétal, which is supported by farmers to carry out applied research on cereals, maize, potatoes, fodder, flax and tobacco, have worked together for many years on a large selection of cooperation initiatives, such as national and European research programmes, mixed technological units and mixed technological networks, scientific interest groups, CASDAR projects, co-financed doctorates, and bilateral activities.

Faced with the one of the most significant challenges for the future of having to develop sustainable agricultural and food production systems, their aim is to promote, facilitate and improve the structure of their collaboration in order to enhance synergies and the efficacy of the help they provide to the industry. With this in mind, they signed their first collaboration framework agreement on 2nd March 2016, at the Paris International Agricultural Show.

Their priority action list includes improving crop yields, managing biotic and abiotic stresses, companion plants, grain quality building, water management at territorial scales, and biocontrol.

Each field of action will be led by an INRA-ARVALIS duo of scientists, and all the programmes will be steered by a monitoring committee jointly chaired by Christian HUYGHE, INRA’s Deputy Director of Agricultural Scientific Affairs, and Philippe GATE, Director of Scientific Affairs at ARVALIS.

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