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Les Culturales ® : the arable crop event of the year 2021

The 15th Culturales® will take place on June 15, 16 and 17, 2021, in compliance with health regulations, on the Terralab site managed by Terrasolis, in Bétheny, a town very close to Reims in the Marne.

The Syppre initiative at its midpoint

The Syppre initiative aims to promote the development of farming businesses that achieve multicriteria performance, by encouraging innovation at cropping systems level. It is part of an overall sustainability objective through the implementation of agroecological practices tailored to the farms and their specific environments. At the halfway point of the initiative (2015-2025), we have the first results yielded by the experiments : after 3 seasons, environmental performance has improved.

Stéphane Jézéquel appointed Chief Scientific Officer of ARVALIS

Stéphane Jézéquel will take over as Scientific Director of ARVALIS - Institut du végétal on 1 January 2021 to replace Philippe Gate who is retiring.

An international competition to better count ears by image analysis

Data Scientists, hackers and scientists from around the world are invited to join forces to solve a new challenge! The challenge is to create a robust and accurate model capable of detecting wheat head from field images. This algorithm would have a broad impact for phenotyping research as well as practical benefits for wheat farmers in all countries. With a prize money of $15,000, this global challenge is co-organized in France by the UMT CAPTE (INRAEe - Arvalis - HIPHEN).
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Latest news about Arvalis in European projects

ReNu2Farm : Testimonies of companies actively adopting recovery technologies
• Thematic networks such as PANACEA and IAR contribute to the development of the bio-economy in France by bringing stakeholders together
• PANACEA value chain events in France : review and perspectives
• A look back at the Conservation Agriculture seminar of December, which will provide insights for policy recommendations as part of the European SolACE project
• Presentation of crop diversification strategies, linked to the European project DiverIMPACTS, developed on Syppre® platforms.
• Arvalis hosted the last annual meeting of the Interreg ReNu2Farm project at its station in Boigneville.
• In a multi-stakeholder approach similar to the European PANACEA project, Arvalis participated at the report of the NGO WWF on agricultural methanation in France.

Demand for recycled nutrients in North Europe

Arvalis is a key partner of the Interreg North Europe project ReNu2Farm which investigates the use of recycling-derived fertilisers and the exchange of nutrients between different regions.
In the scope of reducing the use of limited natural resources, such as phosphorus which is mainly a mined resource, the Recycling-Derived Fertilisers seem to be a good alternative to synthetic fertilisers.
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INNO-VEG Cross border innovation network launch event to facilitate innovation in field vegetable and potato sectors

The INNO-VEG project is launching a new cross-border network across the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. The network will facilitate innovation between the precision farming/sensor technology industry, research organisations and field vegetable and potato crop sectors. The event will take place on 31 October in Netherlands.
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Miscellaneous & former news

ARVALIS participates in the European ReMIX project: Redesigning European cropping systems based on species MIXtures

The ReMIX project, funded with 5 million € by the EU in the frame of the Horizon 2020 programme, will produce new knowledge both for conventional and organic agricultural systems, through a 4-year collaborative research programme.
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ARVALIS participates in a new European project under INTERREG North West Europe aiming to preserve nutrients in agroecosystems

ReNu2Farm : Nutrient Recycling – from pilot production to farms and fields
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Norbert BENAMOU is the new General Manager of ARVALIS - Institut du vegetal

Anne-Claire VIAL, President of ARVALIS, has appointed Mr. Norbert BENAMOU to the general direction of the institute. He succeeds Jacques MATHIEU, who is retiring. This change in the direction of the Institute, presented to the Board of Directors last October, took effect on January 8, 2018.
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Anne-Claire VIAL succeeds Christophe TERRAIN as president of ARVALIS – Institut du végétal

Anne-Claire VIAL is a farmer in the South East of France, and hitherto vice-president of the institute.
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Opening of the pre-harversting phase of the IoF2020 Open Call

The pre-harvesting phase helps the participants to answer eventual questions they might have regarding the call modalities and provides guidance on the most suitable approach to describe their individual project idea.
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API-AGRO : technical institutes in start-up mode

The API-AGRO platform launched by the technical institutes (ACTA) now federates the main French stakeholders of the ecosystem in research and innovation around a shared data platform.
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Helping European agriculture to tackle water and nutrient limitations : new European project started

ARVALIS is participating in the European project SolACE funded by the Horizon 2020 programme. The project aims at generating solutions that combine novel crop varieties and management innovations to improve water and nutrient use efficiency.
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Smart-AKIS is the Thematic Network on Smart Farming funded by Horizon 2020 and backed up by EIP-AGRI

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Kick-off meeting of the H2020 NEFERTITI project: Innovation in Demo Farms !

ARVALIS is part of the European project NEFERTITI which has been selected for a grant from the European Commission to improve and foster the exchange of knowledge with farmers and ag actors in order to boost innovation uptake. The Institute is specifically involved in the thematic network dedicated to arable crops and precision farming.
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600 participants at the first PHLOEME Conference in Paris

Research and innovation are two of the drivers that will help the cereal sector to cope with the transition it must face. The 600 delegates attending the PHLOEME Conference held at the Cité des sciences in Paris on 24th and 25th January were able to talk and share their knowledge, with the common aim of facilitating the emergence of innovative solutions that will improve all the different aspects of cereal production systems performance. 
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