EVADIFF project : Vladimir KUZMANOSKI has successfully defended his PhD thesis on 25th November !

The PhD thesis entitled « Integrating decision support and data mining for risk evaluation and management : A framework and a case study in agriculture », was supported by ARVALIS Institut du végétal and the Department of Knowledge Technologies (Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia).

Vladimir Kuzmanovski successfully gathered the skills, methods and appropriate information sources at his disposal to address the issue and to meet scientific and business requirements. The methodological approach consists in preprocessing and structuring knowledge from databases, expert rules and models outputs, machine learning technics leading to relational databases and decision trees, and a multi-criteria model (DEXi) from the issue structuring.

The operational deliverable is the development of a new DSS which enables on one hand the risk assessment of pesticide transfer in water in a given situation, and on another hand proposes mitigation mesures at the field scale.

The issue on pesticide transfer is of great interest for ARVALIS Institute and agricultural producers and professionals. Our purpose was to share and transfer expert knowledge within ARVALIS Institute, by formalising expertise and building a tool achieving such expertise with more automation. Vladimir Kuzmanovski and the JSI team in partnership with ARVALIS experts have managed to translate and implement this know-how and expertise of more than 20 years in an web application tool for a larger number of experts and technical advisors.

From left to right : Marko Debeljak, Florence Leprince, Vladimir Kuzmanovski, Aneta Trajanov, Saso Dzeroski, Marko Bohanec (chairman)