EVADIFF project

Romain Dairon defended his PhD thesis on the evaluation of digital modelling of pesticide leaching (October 2015). His thesis was supervised by IRSTEA and ARVALIS with the financial support of ARVALIS Institut du végétal and ANRT and in partnership with Terres Inovia and INRA. This research work was part of a global project called EVADIFF supervised and funded by ARVALIS Institut du végétal, in additional parnership with Josef Stefan Institute in Slovenia.

EVADIFF was based on datasets issued from instrumented fields in La Jaillière, Le Magneraud and Lyon St Exupéry in France, as well as expert knowledge and current diagnostic tools developed by ARVALIS. One of its major issue was to perform a new decision support tool (web access) to help farmers and advisors adjust weed control program and protect environment.

Contact : j.marksperreau@arvalisinstitutduvegetal.fr