DiverIMPACTS : a new project to promote crop diversification in European agriculture

 ARVALIS Institut du vegetal is part of a major 5-year European project ˗ DiverIMPACTS ˗ recently launched. The project will explore the full potential of diversifying arable cropping systems with the aim to provide improved agricultural productivity, resource efficiency and sustainable value chains.

The project is coordinated by the French National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) and brings together a broad consortium of 34 partners from 11 European countries. The partnership is comprised of farmers and farmer organizations, advisory services, cooperatives, logistics providers, scientists, industry professionals, and representatives of civil society and rural areas.

The project builds on the experience of 10 existing field experiments, which will be used to quantify the impacts of crop diversification. ARVALIS with its partners Terres Inovia (Technical Institute on oilseed crops) and ITB (Technical Institute on Beet) will provide expertise and knowledge issued from the SYPPRE platforms. DiverIMPACTS will work with and support 25 innovation groups in their dynamic processes to develop sustainable value chains characterized by a high level of crop diversification and new market products. The innovation groups include a wide range of actors such as farmers, advisors, processors and scientists.

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