Designing the farm of tomorrow through digital technologies

Agriculture lends itself perfectly to the application of new digital technologies. Given the growing number of initiatives and connected tools and services available to farmers or under development, ARVALIS Institut du végétal, in partnership with other research institutes ACTA, IDELE, ITB and Terres Inovia, decided to transform two of its experimental farms (Boigneville, near Paris, and Saint Hilaire en Woëvre in north-eastern France) into DIGIFERMES® (a certification scheme created in 2015).

The DIGIFERMES® project is based on a collaborative approach and is open to digital technology companies, start-ups, as well as agricultural organisations. The Institute and its partners test and assess those technologies under real conditions, with a common ambition: identifying innovations that help to improve the technical, economic, environmental and societal performance of farms.

The first results are now available. Some technologies are operational and useful, while others require substantial improvements. The knowledge acquired on those experimental farms helps to improve existing solutions, as well as to develop new ones, with the intention of seeing a massive uptake from farmers and their advisors. Through an approach focused on open and participative research involving as diverse a set of situations as possible, the Digifermes® certification is open to other experimental farms demonstrating that they carry out significant work in the digital field. Therefore, after inaugurating the first ovine Digiferme® (the IDELE Le Mourier farm in central France) in June 2017, 5 new farms have been certified in March 2018. A second call for applications has been opened in April.

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