ARVALIS participates in the European ReMIX project: Redesigning European cropping systems based on species MIXtures

The ReMIX project, funded with 5 million € by the EU in the frame of the Horizon 2020 programme, will produce new knowledge both for conventional and organic agricultural systems, through a 4-year collaborative research programme.

ReMIX will tackle the main aspects related to the introduction of species mixtures in EU agricultural systems, by addressing the agricultural value chain as a whole.
ReMIX will adopt the so-called “EIP-Agri multi-actor approach”, through actively involving in the project local stakeholders. Actors across the agricultural innovation chain in 10 EU countries will be gathered in Multi-Actor Platforms (MAPs), where innovation activities will be deployed, spanning from the specification of end-user needs and the co-design of in-field and on-farm experiments to demonstrations with evaluation of new varieties and practices, in order to better grasp stakeholders’ needs and ideas. The project will provide farmers across the different EU agroclimatic zones with readily accessible and practical information on species mixtures for immediate use. The project will also provide advice to overcome regulatory obstacles to the widespread adoption of species mixtures in the EU.
The partnership features 23 partners in 11 EU countries, Switzerland and China and is coordinated by INRA – Toulouse (France). The project started in May 2017 and will end in April 2021.

Visit the project website: and follow us on Twitter @RemixIntercrops