ARVALIS participates in a new European project under INTERREG North West Europe aiming to preserve nutrients in agroecosystems

Kick-off meeting at IZES, Germany

ReNu2Farm : Nutrient Recycling – from pilot production to farms and fields

ReNu2Farm aims at increasing recycling rates of the plant nutrients Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K). Despite recovery technologies having been developed, the use of recycling-derived fertilizer products by farmers is limited until now. The project will tackle the barriers limiting recycling-derived fertilizer use.
Selected project countries are Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium and France. Within these countries, regions with nutrient shortage and surplus can be distinguished. Possibilities for exchange of recycled nutrients between regions will be explored and producer-consumer collaboration developed.

The ReNu2Farm project (Nutrient recycling from pilot production to farms and fields – September 2017-December 2020) is part of the European Interreg programme that promotes cooperation between European regions as well as the creation of common solutions in the fields of urban, rural and coastal development, economic development and environmental management